Community, Sporting and Youth Groups 

We offer youth, church, sporting and community groups a discounted entry price into the rock climbing arena. As climbing is a sport for all levels of fitness and can be done whatever the weather it is the perfect activity for your group! Plus rock climbing is FUN!

We recommend that if you have a large group of people you should book in advance and take advantage of discounted prices that we offer for group bookings. Group bookings are for a minimum of 10 people. You can do this by filling out a booking form.

The benefits of making a group booking includes:

  • A YMCA Instructor to run through all the safety work with you at the start, ranging from how to put on a harness through to how to belay. You are also guaranteed to have harnesses available for your group.
  • Reserved hire of the rock climbing wall.
  • Fantastic discount rate!

The group discount rate will not be available to groups who turn up without a booking, and we cannot guarantee that there will be harnesses or an instructor available to teach you everything at the time that you arrive. This might result in waiting until either become available for you, so we strongly recommend that you book in advance to ensure you can climb!


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