Fitness for Children & Young People

There's never been a greater need to pay attention to your children's health and fitness. 

With rising rates of childhood obesity and dire predictions about our generation being the first to outlive our children as a consequence, no one can afford to take a back seat on this issue. Helping young people into active and healthy lifestyles is a key priority of the YMCA, an organisation with a long and proud history of working with young people.

Our gym programs for young people offer age-appropriate exercise programs, fully supervised by qualified staff. We help develop positive exercise habits for life, as well as helping young people to grow in confidence and self-esteem. It's fun to exercise with your mates as well! YMCA health and fitness instructors are specifically dedicated to be 'on the floor' during Youth Gym hours before and after school, as well as during set hours on weekends and school holidays.

Teen Gym

Teen gym is specifically designed to introduce young adults to the Health Club environment. Young people aged 14-17 years (once aged 18 a full membership is applicable) can now participate in activities such as resistance training, core stability and aerobic exercise within specific time periods. During these times an instructor is always available on the floor to assist young people to exercise, emphasizing correct technique and sensible, safe practices.

Term and After School Programs

We also offer a wide variety of fun and energetic after school program and school holiday program to get your kids involved and active.

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