Building Brighter Futures

The program aims to connect with children and young people to assist with improving their attendance at school.  

On the early childhood side, this program aims to improve young people’s school readiness, the level of parenting support they’re receiving, as well as their engagement, community engagement and access to readily available information.

Building Brighter Futures runs in two parts; the youth engagement side is run directly at the school for school-aged children, throughout regular school hours. The early years workshops are open to all parents with children aged 0-5, and these workshops are run in partnership with local organisations at varying locations.

For more information on Building Brighter Futures please contact YMCA Goldfields on (08) 9021 1035.

Who can take part?

Any young people in the communities we deliver to are more than welcome to take part in this fantastic, free program! 

Where is Building Brighter Futures run and how can I get involved?

Building Brighter Futures is currently delivered at the following locations;

Menzies Remote Community School
87 Webb Street, Menzies WA 6436

Leonora District High School
157 Gwalia Street, Leonora WA 6438

Laverton Youth Centre
9 Macpherson Place, Laverton WA 6440

Boulder Primary School
200 Lane Street, Boulder WA 6432

Coolgardie Primary School
46 Shaw Street, Coolgardie WA 6429

East Kalgoorlie Primary School
4 Mafeking Street, Williamstown WA 6430

Parenting Workshops WANSLEA Connected Beginnings
East Kalgoorlie Primary School
4 Mafeking Street, Williamstown WA 6430

What will I gain from getting involved?

Building Brighter Futures is a fantastic way to meet new people, interact with different social circles and have a great time while broadening your network. As well as the personal benefits, participants will also be able to see great improvements with their school attendance and find school more enjoyable overall. 


Building Brighter Futures is able to be delivered free of charge to participants in the community courtesy of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. The YMCA is incredibly grateful for this partnership as the program benefits the lives of countless young people every week and sees many fantastic results for everyone involved.