Young people have a voice and it's time to be heard! That's why we created YChats


Originally launched to coincide with International Youth Day on 12 August, the YMCA WA new real-life podcast series, YChats, has soared in popularity as it offers real insight and advice on many issues which affect young people. 

YChats was created following focus groups with young people across the state, where they identified the need for a safe space for them to talk through their own lived experiences, as well as hear from experts on how best to navigate difficult times and situations. YMCA WA’s aim is to start conversations about those topics people often find difficult to discuss, including domestic violence, sexual assault, addiction, mental health and suicide, and open up dialogue, whilst removing stigmas.

YChats host, Alana Christidis, is a young person working at YMCA WA as Communications Officer and Youth Advocate, and although new to podcasting, is a passionate advocate for youth empowerment.

“People often say young people have to be given a voice. But that’s not true – we all have a voice, we just need a platform to get our voice heard and we need people to listen!” explains Alana.

“We have collaborated with a handful of professional organisations to include real practical advice, as well as real lived stories so young people can relate and know they’re not alone.”

YChats eight-part series features a mix of real life stories from young people across Western Australia, together with a mix of high profile personalities and professional speakers to offer practical support and advice, with new episodes released fortnightly, available on Spotify, iTunes, Libsyn or wherever listeners access their podcasts.

The first season line-up includes guests:

Trish Hitchins, from Palmerston Perth talks about Addiction.

Dr Yes, Hannah explains all about safe sex, contraception and breaking down the myths of porn.

Raegan Lei, a young person who shares her story of living with a parent suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder and how she coped when her mother eventually ended her own life.

Noah Gwatkin, a young person, talks about coming out and overcoming sexual assault.

Noelle Martin, a young woman who changed Australian law around image-based sexual abuse.

Listen now:

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Above (left to right): Hannah - Dr Yes, Alana Christidis - YChats Hosts

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