YMCA becomes ‘the Y’- first logo change in 52 years


After more than 110 years in Western Australia, YMCA WA is proud to announce a rebrand to ‘the Y’, as part of a national brand and logo refresh - the first in Australia in 52 years. 

YMCA, an abbreviation of Young Men's Christian Association, is the largest and oldest (175 years) youth organisation in the world, with a reach of 58 million people globally. However, Governors of the 15 individual YMCAs across Australia came together to endorse the bold move on Saturday, 23 November at the 102nd AGM of the National Council of YMCAs in Melbourne, after accepting the movement has evolved to become a far more inclusive organisation that supports everyone, regardless of age, gender, religion, sexuality or difference and the brand should reflect this shift.

The fresh new logo was developed by a collective of the Y brand leads across Australia, and pays tribute to the brand’s heritage by retaining the triangle element of the Y’s ‘Body Mind Spirit’ Mission, but the new name reflects the legacy of celebrating and supporting diversity with all communities.

“I believe this name and logo change will ensure we are more relevant to the people who use our services, and highlights what we stand for and our purpose - "We believe in the power of all inspired young people"” confirmed Ross Kyrwood, CEO, the Y WA.

The new logo will begin to formally roll out in Y’s across the nation in the coming months.

The Y WA will continue to provide community services across the state. For example, in the past year the organisation has delivered over 220 services, with almost 3 million participations, in over 50 communities across Western Australia to create impact and inspire positive change. Currently the Y WA operates over 40 children’s services, over 20 youth services and programs, and manages four health and wellness centres. 



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