Share your voice at YMCA WA's 2018 Youth Summit


It's time for some fresh thinking on mental health.

Every day, we hear more about young people struggling with mental health. The heartbreaking anecdotal stories are now backed with significant data, and many people are now calling this a crisis. Much talk is happening around Australia about solutions to mental illness, and we applaud those leading these challenging discussions.


YMCA WA believes there is a very real need to talk more broadly about mental health and wellbeing, and some of the powerful ways that all of us, especially the young people to whom tomorrow belongs, can live lives that are engaged, happy and mentally well. In fact, we have spent a century supporting young people with programs and activities aimed exactly at this. Most of all, our organisation and the broader YMCA community is made up of thousands of young people who we think should be heard on these issues and may indeed have powerful solutions.


That's why we're inviting passionate Australians - young and old, activists and experts - to come together and spend a day discussing Mental Health and Wellbeing for young people and help to answer a simple question.


"In a time of unprecedented mental health concern for young people, how can we help more young people avoid the pain of mental illness in the first place?" 


We're interested in new ideas, possible solutions and most importantly the perspective of young people on one of the most important issues we all face.


Join us for a day of inspiration, positive thinking and action.


YMCA WA will link in via live-stream for part of our program with the YMCA Victoria Youth Summit happening on the same day, with around 400 attendees.


This is a FREE event with online registartion required. 


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10:00am Arrivals and registration
10:30am Livestream from Victorian Youth Summit speaker session
12:00pm Guest speaker Paris Mitchell
12:45pm Lunch (provided)
1:15pm Facilitated policy session
3:00pm Close


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