OSHC Inspired Young Person Awards

Child Care

We all know kids can be amazing so the Y WA Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) team decided to create the OSHC Inspired Young Person Awards. With a whopping over 60 nominations, each and every child nominated inspired or reached achievements great or small.  

The Award scheme was created to acknowledge children who have demonstrated inspiring behaviour or achievements and whose contribution to the community stands out.

We received nominations from over 30 Y OSHC services, which was a great result from our opening awards! Our judges (Ross Kyrwood, the Y WA CEO, Shane Mauger, the Y WA Executive Manager – Service Delivery, Jacinta Lydiate, the Y WA OSHC Manager, and Eva Lin, Director of the Y WA Board, then met to decide the winner. The decision was so tough they opted for one winner and three runners up!

“Khloe-Martina was a clear winner. The fact her nomination was put in by a parent who didn’t even know her but just continually saw her support the other children speaks volumes,” explained Ross Kyrwood.

Each child nominated was presented with a personalised certificate congratulating them on being inspiring, whilst the winner and runners-up received a gift voucher and books for their school.

Jacinta Lydiate, OSHC Manager, exclaimed, "It's great to have all of our services involved and to see so many families and members of our community taking part in the nominations. We’re even more excited to launch again and hear all the inspirational stories!”


Here are the award winners!


winner of OSHC inspired young person award

As the nomination read “I always saw Khloe-Martina helping kids with their schoolwork, comforting them when they were upset and my son said all the other kids love, trust and respect Khloe-Martina as she’s so kind. She is an inspiration.”


Congratulations Khloe-Martina for being an inspiration!

Runner-up – Tearia, Year 3

When COVID-19 lockdown started Tearia was in a supermarket when she saw a woman steal toilet paper out an old man’s trolley. She was outraged and decided to help their elderly neighbour so she went down and knocked on her door till she answered! Tearia offered she and her mum do the elderly neighbours shopping each week during the pandemic. She then went to a further two elderly neighbours to get their shopping lists as well. Asked what made her do it she replied “It just seemed the right thing to do, after seeing how nasty some people can be to old people.”

Runner-up - Scarlett, Year 2

I think she is inspirational because pretty much everything is difficult for her (all aspects of learning, fine motor, gross motor etc) and yet she still is one of the happiest, friendliest and caring little girls who always tries her best and would do anything to help someone else.

Runner-up - Jayson, Year 1

Struggled with anxiety is hard, especially for young children. However, Jayson has worked really hard to overcome it and has really excelled with his studies, by rewriting a fairy tale completely by memory and improving his reading and counting.

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