Hoops and Jams brings urban culture and sport to youth in the heart of Leederville


YMCA HQ Leederville is heating up the basketball court with the first event of its kind ‘Hoops & Jams’!

The event launched on Wednesday 6 March, bringing crowds of young people to take part on the games of 3x3 basketball, a street style with three players on each side meaning fewer fouls, more frequent light body contact and flowing games.

The launch featured hip-hop MCs, including Trooth and MelloDian, also giving aspiring young hip-hoppers the chance to performed. The atmosphere was pumping with new and old school tunes by DJ Coconut Funksta, while experts conducted workshops and performances of Krump, a dynamic street dance style born out of the struggle of street culture, which is now a respected genre in its own right and practiced worldwide.

Hoops & Jams was created by the YMCA HQ Youth Leadership Group, a group of young people who regularly attend HQ.

Hoops & Jams will run every Wednesday, 4pm to 8pm, for seven weeks at the YMCA HQ, 60 Frame Court, Leederville.

Category: Youth