Calling all young leaders! Do you know any 12 – 18 year old students who would want to be part of a small group in charge of making big change?


Do you know any 12 – 18 year old students who would want to be part of a small group in charge of making big change?

The City of Armadale is running an exciting new youth engagement project in 2017 and 2018 called The Kinetic, and they’re looking for young people who live, study work or play in the area to join them.

This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to have a voice on the issues that affect them, their friends and family within the community.

The project will be jam-packed with engaging workshops, chill sessions and impact projects that aim to encourage conversations, foster inspiration, boost creativity, unlock potential and encourage thinking differently.

The project will give the young people a platform to become active citizens within their community, while helping them learn new skills, meet new friends and experience a leadership opportunity.

Each focus issue will incorporate the following key workshops:

  1. Thought Leader Series

A workshop hosted by an Armadale Youth Network partner, to discuss the focus issue in detail, gaining valuable information from the young people and providing them a safe platform to have a voice and feel heard by their community.

  1. Masterclass Collaboration

An upskilling workshop for the group; enhancing their ability to formulate ideas, work as a team, improve communication and unlock their potential for development.(partnering with IZRA, MC Trooth and more).

  1. Inspiration in Action Session

Together, the group will brainstorm a ‘solution’ to address the issue they have been focusing on; something they can realistically implement in the community to benefit the wider youth community in Armadale. A chance to see young people develop leadership skills and create positive change in their community.

  1. Planning and development workshops
  2. Key Projects

Here the group’s ideas will be implemented as key projects in the school holidays, free and open to the wider youth community.

  1. Evaluate and celebrate

The group meet to discuss their achievements, evaluate the project’s strengths, weaknesses and future plans.


Applications close at 5pm on Monday 6th November 2017, so make sure you get yours in to Ashleigh Tapper on or call (08) 9394 5637.

For more information and to apply visit:  



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