Sarah’s Bold Act to Support Aussies Fighting blood cancer


On Friday the 5th of April, Sarah, a courageous student from the Y School, stood poised in her dad’s work warehouse, ready to make a significant gesture in the fight against blood cancer.  

Her decision to shave her head came from a strong desire to support the over 100,000 people grappling with the devasting impact of Australia’s second most diagnosed cancer.

Sarah’s participation in the Leukemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave marked a pivotal moment in her journey to raise funds, solidarity, and hope for those affected by the disease. Surrounded by the support of her friends, family, educators from the Y School and head office the experience left an enduring mark on all involved.

The outpouring of support was palpable, with donations pouring in as Sarah took the brave step to shed her locks. Remarkably, she exceeded her initial fundraising goal, raising over $1800 dollars, a testament to the community’s support and Sarah’s unwavering commitment.

Liz Parker, Sarahs Principal expressed her admiration for Sarah, “Sarah, you are an absolute legend. Huge respect for what you’re doing, I’m really proud to support you”, said Liz.

While Youth Worker at the Y School Blade Shaw-Trenouth added, “you’re a rockstar! I’m so proud of you and this amazing endeavour”.  

Following the event, Sarah humbly extended her thanks to all who supported her, underscoring the impact achieved through unity and teamwork. With her newly shaved head, Sarah stands as a beacon of resilience and hope, inspiring others to join in the fight against blood cancer.

Her story serves as a poignant reminder that we are all capable of making an impact and building a brighter future for all. For those wishing to contribute to Sarah’s cause, donations can be made through her fundraising page: Link to Sarah’s Donation Page.

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